Dj Keyz
Just For The Love
Vol. 2


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01. You Called & Told Me
02. I Wanna Sex You Up
03. Don’t Be Cruel
04. Don’t Be Afraid
05. I’m So Into You
06. I Like The Way (Kissing Game)
07. Every Little Thing I Do
08. Every Little Thing You Do
09. I Like
10. Dial My Heart
11. She’s Playing Hard To Get
12. Groove Me
13. Candy Rain
14. Hold On
15. You Remind Me
16. I Wanna Love Like That
17. Every Little Step I Take
18. Anything (Remix)
19. Poison
20. Mary’s Joint
21. If It Isn’t Love
22. Twisted
23. Don’t Take It Personal
24. Love Will Be Right Here (Human Nature Remix)
25. You Bring Me Joy


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Just For The Love
Vol. 2”

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